Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UNEARTHED and Dalang Films [Short Film]

 Description of UNEARTHED by Dalang Films on YouTube...
"On the edge of space, a mining ship, The Ezekiel, finds an uncharted planet that reveals signs of a possible fuel resource. Two crew members undertake a mission to the desolate rock to take samples for later analysis. The mission goes well until they unearth a dark and terrifying truth." -DalangFilms

This short film has got to be my favorites recently because of how well done it is.  This is the type of stuff I'd like to see in the theaters more.  This is the type of thing that inspires me to want to get into production in some kind of way, or even science in general.  Dalang Films seems to be making a name for themselves, and I'd like to see them make a feature or two ...or ten.

Some random ranting...

Now I don't like the idea of reviewing films; I really just like to point people to films and media that I believe are made well or deserve recognition from the amount of effort that seems to be shown.  So I'm not going to pick out technical flaws because I'm not a trained filmmaker, so I don't feel I have the authority to pick out too many flaws unless they are blatantly obvious.  (I actually didn't really even see any in this particular film.)

I have no idea how they do stuff like this so well. (via

Production companies like Dalang Films are the ones I would like to see making great sci-fi features.  Oh, and you know those Syfy Original Movies you see on basic cable?  A lot of those are just cheap "rip off" TV movies made to fill up time.  Why not hire production companies like this to make those?  (Well maybe Dalang Films wouldn't like to do something like that, but the quality of original TV movies would increase by a large margin if this is the sort of thing TV executives liked to see.)

That would ruin someone's day.

Don't get me wrong cheesy movies can be fun sometimes, but cheesy sci-fi has been done to death probably since the 1950s.  Why not replace some of them with some quality story telling?

Back to UNEARTHED...

Like I said.  The stuff Dalang Films is making are great examples of the type of science fiction I'd like to see more of.  There is some of it out there in the main stream, but I don't think it competes nearly enough with other types of films in a respectable way like UNEARTHED does.  It's awe inspiring story telling. 

From even just the 22 minute 7 second run-time I felt invested in the characters and actually cared if something bad were to happen to them.  They don't waste a lot of time with random scenery shots to show off photography and camera work like many short films tend to do.  They get right into the story, and that makes it shine.

As for inspiring...  I actually considered changing my major in college to Geology from watching this the first time a couple months back.  If something gets me to consider changing my life I find it very well done and worth the time to watch.

More from Dalang Films...


Here is a still from Dalang Films next film Point Zero.  There is no trailer, that I can find, right now but the stills look amazing.


Here is the description of Point Zero from their site...
"In the inhospitable, freezing ice cap of the Arctic a team of civilian scientists and geologists are on a routine supply run to the Numea Research Station. Little do they know that at the top of the world the future of mankind hangs in the balance.
Through the raging blizzards they stumble upon a government secret that will plunge them into a war between nations that will stop at nothing to retrieve the one thing that will bring them ultimate power." -DalangFilms
I know I'm looking forward to this, and hopefully I have gotten you into something you may find interesting.

FYI:  Again, I do NOT claim to own any embedded or linked videos, material, or information on this blog.  I am just putting the information out there to hopefully help their owners find an audience and recognition.

Edit: Sorry, it seems that the links to the stills and images have been broken, but if you click the links you can check out the site for yourself.  But, hopefully they will show up for you.