Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anomaly by Mark Kochanowicz and Wade Ballance [Kickstarter]

I figured I'd start posting Kickstarter projects that i feel could be interesting.  This one, Anomaly by Mark Kochanowicz and Wade Ballance, seems like it could be an interesting thriller film.  Just the synopsis about it on the Kickstarter page seems intriguing...

"Using charts and medical history, actuary Wesley (Wes) Riemann can statistically predict how many years someone has to live. But it's only a prediction.

When he discovers the life insurance firm he works for has been cancelling policies weeks, sometimes days before the policy holder dies in order to avoid costly payouts, he comes to grip with the impossible - that somehow, they know the exact date when someone will die.

In order to prevent the firm from destroying anymore lives, including his own, Wes will risk it all to discover an unbelievable secret."

The other thing that caught my attention was that they were based out of Philadelphia, PA because that is local for me so I figured I'd give a shout out to someone local in this post.  But, it's not just that.  The clip of the film shown in the pitch video is pretty well done and I'd like to see more.  Check out the kickstater page for Anomaly and decide for yourself if this project deserves some funding.

About my Kickstarter and crowd fund posts...

I am trying to find projects that need a bit of a push for funds.  There are plenty of great "higher profile" ones out there, but there are lesser known projects that fail all the time on these platforms.  They don't have the push of having connections with some more "famous" entities shown in the projects, so they are not featured as often on these crowd fund sites.  These are also usually going to be shorter posts.